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NLP Transformational Real Life Results

Paul  Horsey-Pennel
- Transformational change with NLP.

As a Business and Sports Coach, Paul spent a lot of money on counselling and psychotherapy for self destructive traits that affected his work and family life.

The result of the NLP sessions with Paul were transformational...

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Phil Selwood
 - 76.2% Trading success rate with NLP. 

Like many people, Phil was intimidated by Forex trading. In his own words - It frightened the s**t out of him...

Truth is, he's not alone. Many people are frightened or intimidated to take trades which can lead to not trading or closing trades in draw-down before any profit is made. 

Forex NLP Course

Sarah-Jane Cruickshank - Overcame her fear of clowns with NLP.

During the interview with John McLauchlan, Paul spoke about Sarah-Jane who had a life-long fear of clowns.

In this interview, Sarah-Jane shares her story, and how NLP with Paul really helped conquer her fear. 

The Mind Hacks For Traders Course

Mind Hacks For Traders NLP Course
7 Modules containing 19 transformational NLP Lessons.
SCORE model to determine Outcomes and Resources.
Self expectations & understanding why things go wrong.
What you learn from losing $1 million.
Understanding your brain so you can change it.
How to develop consistency with your trading.
Changing your unwanted behaviour.
How to take control and tame your monkey.

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